Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outfit Post: Pink Tips, Polka Dots, Chunky Boots, NYC BLACK. Flashback

So this outfit is from a few months ago. I like the cozy factor going on here. And I tried something new with my hair here. Just take the front sections of each side, and make two braids. Pin on top of your head, et voila! This is a 'go to' look for me when it is chilly out. If I'm gonna do the NY all black thing, I at least need to mix some textures and prints.

Outfit Deets: 
Earrings: Xicana Boutique in LA
Black Cozy Sweater: Gap on sale
Ruched Polka Dot Shirt: Old Navy
Black Skinny Jeans: Buffalo Exchange, Old Navy Brand
Shoes: Thrifted at Out of the Closet