Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Street Style: Los Angeles Style. Chartreuse, Florals, Burgundy, Leather Earrings

I took these photos of the lovely and stylish Marlena on New Years Day in Los Angeles. I love the color and texture of her outfit. The burgundy and forest green combined with the pop of chartreuse are so good!  
(Oh and P.S. she is a model for my Etsy Vintage Shop, so expect to see more of her looking fierce!)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

DJing in Brooklyn TONIGHT! All $$$ goes to Silva Rivera Law Project!

I am DJing in Brooklyn at Hey Queen TONIGHT!  
Just head to Public Assembly.
 I am playing from 10 until midnight!

All of the money goes to support The Sylvia Rivera Law Project. They are an INCREDIBLE organization that does so much important work in our community. Here is their mission statement. Please do check out their website.

"The Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence." (http://srlp.org/about)

Who was Silvia Rivera?

"She may have been the prototypical Angry Queen. Unbowed, unbought, and virtually indigestible by a gay movement she helped birth, Stonewall warrior Sylvia Rivera died on February 19." 
Ricki Wilchins
 "Finding food, shelter, a safe bed, and even some recognition for genderqueer kids was a lifelong passion for Sylvia. She saw them as society's most vulnerable outcasts. She picketed and protested, caucused and cajoled, and if the occasion called for it, which it often did, she submitted to arrest." 
Ricki Wilchins
 "She was a tireless advocate for all those who have been marginalized as the "gay rights" movement has mainstreamed." 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Street Style: New York Black and Neon.

New York Black, with hints of Nautical, and a BIG splash of neon and Color with a Faaaahhhbulous Neon Scarf. I'm totally gonna look in Thrift Stores for something similar. 
Maybe a bunch of different bright silk scarves tied together could achieve a similar effect? 
Possible DIY coming soon....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Street Style: Extra Extra! NY Girl tells the T! Newspaper, Flavor Flav, Black and White Chic, et plus!

When out on the street in NY I found a petite bubbly young lady with beautiful blond hair, 
and her style was a mix of newspapers, flavor flav, madonna, 40s, 90's, 80's, with modern touches. 
 Sounds like it could be busted mais ouais? 
But this little lady WORKED. 

She showed me her clock bag, her newsprint dress, and told me about her love of vintage clothes and style. She was only the second person I stopped to ask to take their photo, and she was so sweet about it and excited. 
(Oh, and the clock on the bag? It works.) 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outfit Post: Mixology Los Angeles Style. Leopard, Amber, Palm Fronds and Sea Foam.

Outfit Deets:
Boots: They are Pour La Victorie, and one of my best THRIFT scores to date! (click for boot love)
Tights: A gift from an old roomate.
Cardigan: Hand-me-down from mi madre, originally Targeeeet?
Belt: Swiped from Mom's closet. (I put it back!)
Dress: Another Madre hand-me-down which I wear all the time.
Nails: Sephora Nail Polish in Teeny Bikini (4 bucks!)
Ring: Amber, bought it when I was a freshman in Montreal. What I would call a 'Grandma Style'    Piece. (My grandmother has FIERCE style, it's basically go big or go home.)
Hair: Busted. This is before a very necessary hair cut. (and before the pink!) 

I guess this goes to show you my mom has great style, and raiding her closet is best. I say shop your mom's closet. (always...some things never get old. sorry mom. =) love youuuuu!!!)

Inspiration: Half Moon Manicure (get your nail game)

Do a half moon manicure! These became popular in the 20s as a twist on the traditional 'french manicure', which actually was invented by a hollywood stylist and not in france. Who knew?

The trick to a perfect half moon manicure is to use these babies at the bottom left. (binder hole reinforcer stickers, a couple bucks at any Staples).

1.Paint the whole nail your "bottom shade" (the shade you want to peek through at the bottom like a moon.
3. Let dry all the way or the next step won't work.
2. Use the stickers, putting the top of the donut on your nail. Now paint the second "top" coat lightly over the sticker and then cover the rest of the nail.
3. Let dry dry dry. Remove the sticker! You have a perrrrfect profesh looking half moon manicure! Add some bling if desired.

Binder Reinforcement Stickers

Half Moon Manicure craftopolis.com

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Street Style: NY Bracelet Stacking Skills

I love the variety of place, color, style, and materials here. Wrist style.
This handsome guy let me photograph his impeccable style. You get the feeling that nothing he wears is random. The layers are perfect, and everything is coordinated. I love the greys and blacks with pops of color.

Outfit Post: Neon Green Maxi + Pink Floral + Grey Neutral

I got this chiffon pleated neonchartreuse maxi skirt on sale at old navy. I think it is beautiful, but it is a challenge to wear. I am still playing around with it. Here I chose to hilight the skirt (as if that was hard to do), while toning down everything else. I find that neon colors look good with pale pinks, greys, and other neutrals. I'm not sure I'm fearless enough to go for a head to toe chartruse neon look, but if the days back in Brooklyn get dreary, I may give it a try! 

Outfit Details
Grey Ruched Top: Stolen from Mom's closet
Chartreuse Neon Chiffon Maxi: Old Navy on sale, 16 $.
Pink Leather Belt: Thrifted for 2 bucks, originally Gap 
Pale Pink Stone Earrings: Mom's closet
Pink Flower Ballet Flats: Banana Republic on Sale 40 bucks....I've really worn these into the ground.
Purple Amethyst Ring: A hand me down from Mom.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Style Icon: Daphne Guiness

Pure originality. I love her hair, her look, the risks she takes. 
She works everything with commitment! 
(photos: style.com, the sartorialist)