Thursday, September 29, 2011

Polar Bear Vacation. Relaxin' with the Fams.

This Post and Treasury are inspired a polar bear photo. The photo is for sale in Michal's shop, Sweet Woodruffs on Etsy. Michal is a a homeschool mother living in Tampa (but mising Texas) who has been collecting vintage and antiques for 20 years. She handmakes beautiful greeting cards, which"...are altered with rare authentic, antique book pages, fabric remnants and vintage lace trim." (Sweet Woodruffs)

She also loves to list her found treasures.
Which brings me back to the subject at hand.

This Polar Bear.

Family Beach Holiday: Vintage 20s Photo    $5.25

Michal says, "At the sea with a polar bear... I love this photograph. I googled images and found one more photo with another group of people with this same polar bear." (Sweet Woodruffs)

I am also a sucker for old photos and mysteries like this.

What was a polar bear doing at the beach? Why a polar bear? Was he the town mascott? Seems kind of strange for a beachside town. A polar bear enthusiast? We can only speculate....and make silly etsy treasuries. 

'Just a polar bear. Chillin' at the beach with my fams.' 

by 33norashmora33

Family Beach Holiday: Vintag...

Polar Bear GRAPHIC ART Illus...

Vintage Beach Bra Pattern PD...

Coastland. Quartz Druzy and ...

Under the Pier - Black and W...

Beach Bums at the Beach Phot...

Way to my Heart - Unique Dec...

Sweet Polar Bear on size Sma...

Shiva Eye Shell Stud Earring...

Ursa Major Constellation- Th...

Lustrous Sea - 8x10 Fine Art...

Ceramic Polar Bear Sculpture

vintage three piece corduroy...

Beaver Fur Scarf/Collar (Bro...

Beach Finds original waterco...

Nuno felted wool ruffle scar...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's hard to stay motivated.

It's hard to stay motivated when you are surrounded by such laziness. This is my cat Bear. We keep telling him to get a job. He prefers to lounge and stay fluffy.
all attempts to influence him with queer theory have failed.


lazy paws.

A job? What do you mean 'get a job'?????

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romantical...Oh Billie.

Romantical perfection. Except for the 'man must have his mate' line. 
But I forgive you Billie. How could I ever hold it against you?

Monday, September 26, 2011

L'Wren Scott: Fall 2011

 L'Wren Scott's silhouette doesn't change much over time. High-waisted cuts that are made for long legs, femme fatales, and always fitted tight. This is my preferred way to wear skirts and dresses, and I can't get over their fall collection. Such amazing color inspiration! Loving the prints and styling. L'Wren Scott Fall 2011: tiki bars, femme fatales, curtains, and colors done right.
(all photos from

Mixology. Which direction are you going? Both/All of them!
I don't normally like dresses cut like tanks tops, but the print and color gradation makes for perfection here.
Oh how I would love to throw this on for fall weather. Horizontal Stripes, Horizontal schmipes. This is Bohemian 70s and crisp and modern all at once.
Sequins? Check. Red High heels? Check. Aqua Insanity? Check.

Loving this periwinkle blue with rust color combo.
If I were ever to wear anything close to a suit, it would be this.
Bah! This is amazing. Amazing.Who says tropical wackiness belongs in a tiki bar?

Could be curtain-like, but it is elegant and funky. I should be eyeing my curtains more closely.

Hard Girl, Soft Girl, Where'd you put the keys girl?

Another music inspired Treasury. Oh I just can't help myself I still love this song...But this treasury collection is 'Cornflake Girl' Tori Amos when she's been living in NY for ten years, and only wears black and a hard look. Never was a cornflake girl, now she's a Brooklyn girl.

'Hard girl, Soft girl, Where'd you put the Keys girl? ' by 33norashmora33

Cocoa brown distressed Leath...

The Sentinel. Antique Skelet...

bead earrings, vintage lucit...

Women black blouse

vintage BLACK tan 1970s knit...

Vintage Black Amethyst Glass...

Light ant thin wool cobweb f...

Volcanic Necklace Black Obsi...

Entomologist field dress - m...

Photo-Empire 5x7

Raven bowl sculpture pottery...

Lace Leggings - Black Lace -...

SALE... Black wool scarf fe...

NEW--Pleated-Black Canvas L...

24kt Gold and Ruby Earrings,...

Queen of the Tribe Beadwoven...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Artist Profile: Matou en Peluche (La nouvelle vague en peluche!)

Sam Battersby is Matou en Peluche.

In french it means Plush Tomcat. Sam runs the Matou en Peluche Etsy store, blog, and beautiful website under this name. With help from her partner, (sidekicks are handy!) she creates work that is at once sweet, sharp, and uniquely creative.

 Her art is inspired by flapper girls, elegant evenings, femme fatales, fat cats, and 50 foot birds. She creates whimsical prints, cards, postcards, and mini hand mirrors. Oh and did I mention she is a lovely person? We have struck up an Etsy friendship across the globe. Sam currently resides in Sydney Australia, is francophone, and a drawing MACHINE! (ouais, c'est vrai!)

Her aesthetic is one that I adore. She makes "images and designs that are both historically quirky and 21st Century."  I haven't bought her prints yet, only because I keep changing my mind about which ones I want!

Matou en Peluche is a one of a kind shop. They "are 'la nouvelle vague en peluche. (the plush new wave)." 

Dive on into the whimsical plush....nouvelle vague en peluche indeed!

Find Matou en Peluche here:

All Images and Descriptions (from top to bottom):

1) Queen Nefertiti Born in 1370BC in Egypt Queen Nefertiti is often referred to as "the most beautiful woman in the world".

3) Mermaid Art: Crustacean Cafe The lovely Jemima has a cup of tea and a chat with Miranda at the Crustacean Cafe. Gus and Phil are a little bored however by the girly chat.

5) The Great auk has spoken Words to sooth the troubled soul from the Great Auk himself.

6) Fashion Print: Yvonne This is Yvonne in her sea shell dress.

7) Black Gloves Black Gloves and an ice blue bow.

8) Rie

9) Robzilla  Robzilla!! My afraid be very afraid!!! 

10) Cleo  Cleo = winsom + wise.

Find Matou en Peluche here:

All art is used with permission. 
Artwork copyright © 2007 - 2011 Samantha Battersby
Purchase of this print does not include reproduction rights.