Friday, December 23, 2011

Street Style: Fall Coat Love

I love her black leather boots, drawstring leather bag, and perfect brocade wool coat!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red Fall Outfit Sneak Peak and New Items!

This beautiful red dress and leather belt are coming soon!
Made in Peru, the perfect Cross Body Bag. Click HERE!

 Some new items in my Etsy Shop, and some sneak peaks for you loyal readers. Wool and Leather Saddle bags and Warm 90's clogs. Get your bohemian! Throw a long warm sweater over this look, and you are good to go. Perfectly Vintage, perfectly on trend.
Vegan Cozy Clogs - Click Here!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oscar de La Renta Pre-Fall 2011

Also known as stop it. Just stop it. Ohmigoodness. I don't think I've ever seen an Oscar de La Renta collection I don't love. Perfect fall shapes, lady-like perfection (as always), and COLOR! Thank you. Being in New York surrounding by blackblackblack makes me want to dress like this all the time. There is also something so timeless about his clothes. I could see a fabulous mid 80s woman with big bangles in these looks, or a curvy 30 something, or a twiggy tall girl. Oh yeah and did I mention color perfection? The mix of prints, textures, and colors are so unique. Break those seasonal color rules Oscar, do your thing, get it done.

Brandi Lee's Art: Matilda Stone on Etsy

My lovely and very talented friend Brandi has an Etsy shop called MatildaStone, and you should give it a gander. Here is a Treasury I made inspired by one of her beautiful paintings. She has a unique aesthetic, and she recently had a solo show here in Brooklyn. Keep your eye on this one.

rhinestone friendship cuff b...

ACEO Original art "One ...

Blue Pacific Ocean geometric...

Ecofriendly needle felted gr...

Kids Wall Dog Art 'Take...

Mighty Asterisk

1 Handmade Resin Kitschy Chr...

Geometric Leather Necklace T...

Plush - funky handmade doll ...

Earrings decoupage -Colorful...

Pumpkin Orange black beadw...

Vintage Luggage .. Electric ...

Dew Drops Sterling Silver Ea...

Burgundy cropped jacket

Recycled Glass Linden Leaf a...

Nature Photography, burgundy...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New York at Night

Taxi Cab Bumper Cars at the Gas Station on Houston

Weaving through the Maze
SoHo hustle

Graffiti style Art, being sold next to Graffiti.

High Style Raspberries and Cream

'High Style Raspberries and Cream' by 33norashmora33

Mad Men Bow Dress / Vintage ...

Pink Chunky Necklace Costume...

holiday SALE dreamcatcher b...

welland lambs wool hand dip ...

80's Ruby Red Sequined C...

Ring with Red Corals, Flower

Vintage Ornate Brass and Cry...

French Secret DIY Cake aux F...

Leather clutch - OPELLE Fold...

Oscar de la Renta / 1970s me...

POPPY red Felted Poppies Flo...

Art Nouveau 14K Gold Filled ...


1950s RARE Open Toe Heels Pu...

Red Train Case

Breaking Free

Monday, December 12, 2011


I've got a nasty cold.....but I promise regular posting will be back soon! While you wait, you can check out my Etsy shops (on the right hand side), or just check out Betty Paige as a nurse and hope she will get me better quick!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Red Shoes

No real reasoning behind this, I just love this photo. I found it on the internet years ago (pre tumbler), so I'm not sure where it's from. Such a simple alteration, it's as if Edward Gorey did costumes for The Red Shoes. Love.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre Fall 2012: JASON WU wins and is best.

Obviously, designers have been paying attention to my obsession with burgundy, coral, and teal. So pretty much, I'm in love with the Pre-Fall collections this year.  
 There is also an abundance of the "very cool artist aunt who lives in a loft space and was photographed by Warhol and only wears giant bracelets" look.   
 Which, of course, is best.  So I'll be going through my faves...but I am bursting with excitement over...
Jason Wu's Pre-Fall Perfection. 
High Waists, Dramatic Lip, Femme Fatale, Feminine Embellishments, Unexpected Colors, all the best rolled into a Jason Wu brain. I think my excitement can't even be contained by just one post. So keep your eyes peeled for more WU!!!
Cape on ANOTHER LEVEL. I so so wanna see it from the back.

I think this dress would look good in any size. Also I love the lines with the shoes. It is sharp and sweet.

Perfectly tailored, incredible colors, detailing. Just put someone a bit bustier in there (ahem) and you have a show stopper. (and also BURGUNDY!!!)

All photos:, Jason Wu