Monday, November 21, 2011

Back of a Cab OUTFIT POST!

I love reading other people's personal style blogs, and when I read a blog about fashion, I always wonder what that person wears themselves. So I am going to add to the blogey-mix some personal style outfit posts. But I have no tripod. So basically, I use mirrors in public, take self portraits in cabs, and use my partner as a reluctant photographer. I hope you enjoy these beginning efforts. (Think of this as the "before Nora can afford a tripod phase" of my personal style posts)

I think this T-shirt is from Express on sale last summer. It looks like it should cost 80 dollars at American Apparel but it was something like 15 bones. I made this lipstick shade by mixing "Stilla Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Petal" on top of "L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor, in Ravishing Red" and it matched my T-shirt Perfectly! I don't why this made me so happy that day, 
but it did.

                 The Skirt is actually
a tube dress from summer that I'm making a high-waisted skirt with the magic of a belt. It's a great way to keep your summer stuff working hard for it's moneeyyy.

I think the teal leggings are from target.

The boots are my standard winter black leather boots. My mom helped me pick them out a year ago,  and they are nice and worn in.


The Lacy Bra I bought a couple years ago at this amazing little retro lingerie shop called Dollhouse Bettie in San Fransisco. I bought an adorable retro girdle there that I still wear it today. And news to me, they are online! Check them out here: Dollhouse Bettie or go to their store in San Fran if you get the chance. The shop ladies are nice, not afraid of your boobs, and have great vintage style and tattoos.

The "Bella Muerte" tote bag (it's basically a rockabilly girl skeleton, basically awesome!) was hand painted by this lovely lady named Paulina.
She is from LA and makes beautiful handmade things on Etsy.
Check her out here: PAULINAclothing
And if you like the bag, you can grab it here: Bella Muerte Black and White Tote

The Magnifying Glass Necklace I bought at a stall at the Brooklyn flea market, I wear it all the time.

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