Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre Fall 2012: JASON WU wins and is best.

Obviously, designers have been paying attention to my obsession with burgundy, coral, and teal. So pretty much, I'm in love with the Pre-Fall collections this year.  
 There is also an abundance of the "very cool artist aunt who lives in a loft space and was photographed by Warhol and only wears giant bracelets" look.   
 Which, of course, is best.  So I'll be going through my faves...but I am bursting with excitement over...
Jason Wu's Pre-Fall Perfection. 
High Waists, Dramatic Lip, Femme Fatale, Feminine Embellishments, Unexpected Colors, all the best rolled into a Jason Wu brain. I think my excitement can't even be contained by just one post. So keep your eyes peeled for more WU!!!
Cape on ANOTHER LEVEL. I so so wanna see it from the back.

I think this dress would look good in any size. Also I love the lines with the shoes. It is sharp and sweet.

Perfectly tailored, incredible colors, detailing. Just put someone a bit bustier in there (ahem) and you have a show stopper. (and also BURGUNDY!!!)

All photos:, Jason Wu

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