Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thrifting Score!

Madewell bootsOut of the Closet Thrift Stores are one of my favorite thrifting stops. They were started around the first waves of AIDS cases in Los Angeles. Out of the Closet and into the streets (and thrift stores)! Their proceeds are donated to help fight HIV/AIDS. They are run by Aids Health to help fund their many programs. All out of the closet thrift stores have free condoms, and they have three LA stores that do anonymous on-site HIV testing and counseling.
So, I was thrifting at one of their stores a few days ago, and this store recently got a huge donation of designer shoes new in the box.  I got two pairs. A totally wakko amazeballs pair by Pilar Abril, a designer from Granada (pics coming soon), and these beauties by Pour La Victorie...for $45. Original price around $400. Thrifting in Los Angeles... so good. So if you need HIV testing, condoms, or vintage, check out Out of the Closet. And then put your new items back in your closet...and then take old ones out and donate them. In and out of the closet you go! (I just can't help myself)

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