Sunday, March 25, 2012

Etsy Seller Profile: Sonya Denise Freeman of 16 Stone Vintage

Sonya of 16 Stone Vintage was kind enough to talk with me about style, vintage and her etsy shop! 
16 Stone Vintage has big chain necklaces, polka dot pin up dresses, 80's looks, punk style, and a great collection of 1970's sunglasses. Sonya (along with her model/muse Bilen Gaga) also writes a fabulous blog with  fierce style. She hails from Bed Stuy, and this lady is one to watch.  
(I'm in Bed Stuy too, Sonya lets hit up the local Goodwill sometime!) 
Sonya, rocking orange tights with her Vintage treasures!
Nora: Tell me about your shop? What do you carry? Who is involved? Why did you start?

Vintage 1970's Sunglasses
Sonya: My shop 16 Stone Vintage is actually mostly inspired by my father's wardrobe growing up. He took a lot of fashion risks and had a wide variety of clothing. He loved the 1970's era and he also wore lots of bright clothing. I carry vintage clothing, accessories, and housewares. I started 16 Stone Vintage because I would find amazing vintage items that was not my size or necessarily my personal style. I thought even if they weren't for me, I would still share them with the world.  
1980's Colorful Party Dress
Nora: What do you love the most about Vintage clothing?
Sonya: What I love most about vintage clothing is that most items are rare and one of a kind. I also feel it's important to reuse and recycle, so wearing and selling vintage is in line with my beliefs of reducing waste by using what's already here. 
Nora: Who/What are your biggest style influences?
Sonya: Currently, my biggest style influence comes from the covers of old Jet Magazine covers. I dream about looking like all those different models, singers, and actresses from the 1950's and 1960's. Gorgeous gowns, swimsuits, and hats. There's no limit to fashion on these covers and the inside of the magazines as well.   If you wanna see a collage of some of these images, 'Like' Sonya on her facebook page:
Perfect Styling.

Polka Dot Bow Kitten Heels

Nora: Tell us about your best vintage find.
Sonya: This is a tie... I went in a Salvation Arny and saw this 2 stunning round disc necklaces. The employee was sorting them from a big mess of tangled jewelry. Low and behold once of them was singed Fendi and the other signed YSL. Thanks to whoever let those slip through the cracks!  They both sold on etsy, but I kind of regret selling the YSL one. I sometimes long to have it back. Take a look at the pieces here: and

Nora: Anything else you would like readers to know about your shop, you, your process?
Love this. Incredible floral coat with hot pink lips!
Sonya: Well, my process of picking items for 16 Stone Vintage is very meticulous. I often fly out to Chicago to dig through my favorites 3 thrifts in the world for gems. I also utilize ebay roving through pages of goods and sometimes finding goodies as well.  I put in a lot of time  making sure I select quality, stylish, and authentic items for my shop. I love to hunt for my customers and share my treasures. A little tid bit about me is that I am a print model and part time actress. Sometimes I buy vintage clothing and accessories for movies and tv shows. So that also plays a part as to why I'm always hunting for vintage items as well. 
All photos used with permission, copyright Sonya Denise Freeman
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