Friday, November 18, 2011

What are you doing this SATURDAY NIGHT???

I hope you will be coming out to dance your face off at Screaming Queen, one of Brooklyn's most raucous dance parties. And it is extra extra special, because I am coming out of my DJing hiatus! I haven't spun in a while, so I am super excited.

Yes. DJ NOISY NORA is back again. 
With a monumental crash.
DJ Noisy Nora, photo Xavier T

I will be playing from 10:00 PM until MIDNIGHT, so come EARLY to dance with your friends, get some drinks, and check out the crown. If you come BEFORE 11 it is only Three Dollars! I promise I will play AT LEAST one of your favorite songs. 
For reals.

The theme of this party is ginger love, so if you are a natural redhead, you get in for free! In honor of the theme, here is Bjork being awesome. Also all of the information you need to know is on the poster, but here are the main deets:

HEY QUEEN Screaming Queen queer dance partaaaay! (The Redhead Party)
DJ Noisy Nora (me!) from (10-midnight) and lots of amazing hosts, 'mos, perfos, and more!
Public Assembly 70 N 6th. Street (Williamsberg) Brooklyn
How Much:     
If you come BEFORE 11 it is only Three Dollars, 5$ after, Free all night for natural red heads,

Come and dance your awesome out! TOMORROW!!!!!
I wanna fall asleep in this Ginger Confection while Bjork sings me Icelandic lullabies.

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