Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiration: Half Moon Manicure (get your nail game)

Do a half moon manicure! These became popular in the 20s as a twist on the traditional 'french manicure', which actually was invented by a hollywood stylist and not in france. Who knew?

The trick to a perfect half moon manicure is to use these babies at the bottom left. (binder hole reinforcer stickers, a couple bucks at any Staples).

1.Paint the whole nail your "bottom shade" (the shade you want to peek through at the bottom like a moon.
3. Let dry all the way or the next step won't work.
2. Use the stickers, putting the top of the donut on your nail. Now paint the second "top" coat lightly over the sticker and then cover the rest of the nail.
3. Let dry dry dry. Remove the sticker! You have a perrrrfect profesh looking half moon manicure! Add some bling if desired.

Binder Reinforcement Stickers

Half Moon Manicure

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