Monday, February 6, 2012

Outfit Post: Neon Green Maxi + Pink Floral + Grey Neutral

I got this chiffon pleated neonchartreuse maxi skirt on sale at old navy. I think it is beautiful, but it is a challenge to wear. I am still playing around with it. Here I chose to hilight the skirt (as if that was hard to do), while toning down everything else. I find that neon colors look good with pale pinks, greys, and other neutrals. I'm not sure I'm fearless enough to go for a head to toe chartruse neon look, but if the days back in Brooklyn get dreary, I may give it a try! 

Outfit Details
Grey Ruched Top: Stolen from Mom's closet
Chartreuse Neon Chiffon Maxi: Old Navy on sale, 16 $.
Pink Leather Belt: Thrifted for 2 bucks, originally Gap 
Pale Pink Stone Earrings: Mom's closet
Pink Flower Ballet Flats: Banana Republic on Sale 40 bucks....I've really worn these into the ground.
Purple Amethyst Ring: A hand me down from Mom.

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