Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Street Style and Shoe Love: Big Chunky Platform Shoe Obsession

possible Kirkwood?

Puddle Jumping
In chunky black platforms

 During Black Friday I purchased these beauties by Seychelles. I swear to you, they look big and tall but they are CRAZY insane comfortable. I think I was influenced by NY ladies and their insane chunky heels. I am still amazed at the shoe art that women (and men) wear walking around NY in cobbled streets and on rainy days. That is shoe love right there. There is something about the pitch of these Seychelles which makes them comfortable. These babies can last me all day, and when I've had Etsy models wear them for me, they all say how comfy they are. Shoe Love.

Marlena wearing my Seychelles for Etsy pics!!!

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