Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make Up Inspiration: Brigitte Bardo Eyes. Cats Eye.

Because of FemmeRealness, I was inspired today to try big dramatic Brigitte Bardo Eyes. I used Sephora Brand Gold Eyeshadow. I want to try this look with fake lashes sometime, but since it was day time I just used a ton of mascara. I used L'oreal Black Felt Tip Eyeliner on the lash line and from the inner corner onto the Crease. Double cats eye! Then I piled on that mascara, and I drew some eyelashes along the lower lash line.

I thought having liner on the crease of my eye would look weird and kinda Cirque de Solei-ish, but I'm happy with the end result. Def. not a look for the faint of heart, this eye makeup packs a punch! I am totally feeling the 60's huge mod eye makeup look...I think it might be the fault of the costume designers on Mad Men. Tabarnac de Calisssse!
 There is also something a bit Peg Bundy about this too? 

Brigitte Bardo meets Peg Bundy. Now that's my kind of Femme.

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