Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NY Street Style: Lady turns it OUT.

This lovely lady posed for me on a cold day in New York City. Everything about her outfit is incredible. She collects vintage Bakelite, and she MADE her own fur wrap/scarf. I don't even have any idea how one goes about making a fur stole, but apparently this lovely New Yorker is a fashion genius. Her dress and cardigan are from the 1950's, and they added cozy layers while creating an hourglass silhouette. She had the perfect combination of vintage glamor and modern trends.  I loved her sky high chunky clog platforms, her leopard print phone case, her incredible bright red hair, and her general high fashion fierce femme demeanor. We talked about our shared love of fashion and vintage finds, and she let me document her whole situation, down to her bright blue nails
Internet, I have a new style icon. 

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