Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outfit Post: Spring Menswear. Oxford heels!

New fave necklace. I feel like it is sneaky gay bling. The negative space forms a triangle! 

Outfit Deets!
Blue Men's Shirt: Thrift Store 
Black Skinny Jeans: Buffalo Exchange
Oxford Heels: Seychelles, on sale haaay.
Necklace: Vintage,

This outfit is pretty simple for me. I'm not a big one for menswear normally , but I've been itching for a way to make it feel femme. I don't like blazers or flat oxfords on me (too butch!), but oxford heels are a nice alternative. Whats your fave way to wear menswear?

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  1. Nora, I love it! So glad that necklace is in good hands!