Monday, October 31, 2011

Artist Profile: Theresa Himmer

Iceland is just magical and cool.   
(This fact is thanks in part to Björk talking about faeries, Sigur Rós and my Brother thinking he wanted to go to college there when he was in middle school)
Artist Theresa Himmer makes it even more so.
She makes glitter graffiti installation art. Magic!!!

Have you ever seen graffitti this OverTheTop or amazeballs??? I think probably not.
Find Theresa and her work here:

Waterfall #01
(The Mountain Series)
Maximum dimensions: 2,6 x 6,0 m
Area: 11,4 m2
Glacier #01
(The Mountan Series)

Sequins, plastic, plywood.
Maximum dimensions: 11,0 x 5,4 m
Area: 20,9 m2

Volcano #01
(The Mountain Series)
Maximum dimensions: 4,7 x 11,2 m
Area: 18,2 m2

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