Monday, October 31, 2011

NEW SHOP!!!!! Nora's Novitys

Subversive and Snarky Ceramics and Pottery

I paint on ceramics, porcelain, pottery, and whatever I can get my hands on! You can hang my pieces on a wall for funky home decor, or use them everyday.

My pieces deal with the discord of naughty words, queer identity terms, and feminist icons being painted onto flowery vintage china, porcelain, and pottery.

I love to take vintage china and mix in troublemakers, sexuality, feminism, queers, and whimsey.
Join me in saying NO to conservative stuffy tea parties. Say YES to fun.

I hope that my pieces make you do a double take. I hope you are titillated by my work. I hope you will to use these pieces to decorate your home, for an inappropriate tea party, or to make a lover smile when you serve them cake.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to do custom work!!!
Need a gift for your kinky friend? Best friend? Punk Rock Homemaker? Your lover? Your mom? I will do CUSTOM pieces, with discounts for friends!!!

Or maybe you just need to buy yourself a mug that says 'butch queen' for xmaz.

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