Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Etsy Seller Profile: Rachel of Ande Mönster

 Ande Mönster is a seemingly never-ending parade of beautiful vintage finds. It is a great place to shop for Beautiful Plus Size vintage, that perfect sexy 80s dress, or your 1940's dream dress! They have a 20$ and under section, full of 20$ dresses. Rachel also has a beautiful blog. Check out this interview, she has generously given a COUPON for 25% off to you, Nora's Necessities readers. Enter "NORA25" at Ande Mönster for 25% off all purchases all month! Thanks so much Rachel!
1950's Plus Size Floral Wiggle Dress
 Nora: Tell me about your shop? What do you carry? Who is involved? Why did you start?

1970s beaded metallic gold clutch  $14.40
Rachel: My shop is called Ande Mönster, meaning Spirit Designs in Swedish. My shop is about supplying you with one-of-a-kind vintage kind apparel. I started the venture of owning a shop because I love the hunt and it gives me reason to do it and send my findings world wide.

Nora: What do you love the most about Vintage clothing?
1950's Mustard Yellow

I love the fact that vintage clothing has a story behind it, that someone kept it around for years and years and now it is traveling to someone else's closet to start another story.

Nora: Is fashion political? 
Rachel: Fashion can be political if you make it political. I believe it is cyclical.

Nora: What is your favorite dessert? 
Rachel: My favorite dessert is anything with chocolate and peanut butter. Mmmmm.

Nora: Who/What are your biggest style influences? Rachel: The one person who really stands out is Audrey Hepburn. She is so classy and effortless.

1970's disco Black and Tan
Nora: Tells us about your best vintage find. 
Rachel: My best vintage find? I think that changes weekly! I did find a 1930's wooden office chair, classic, for $6. It's adorable. Wheels on the legs, metal screw base, i love it. 

Nora: Anything else you would like readers to know about your shop, you, your process?
Rachel: I want to say thank you for reading! As a thank you, I am making a special coupon code for Nora's readers, AKA you.  

Just enter the coupon code "NORA25" for 25% off your purchase(s) for the next month! Enjoy! 
1950's Scalloped Edge Blue Vintage Dress

 All Photos used with permission. Rachel, copyright Ande Monster Vintage


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