Sunday, October 2, 2011

Green Lace Skirt DIY by guest Katy Dill

This incredible DIY comes from the wonderful blog no big dill. Blogger Katy writes about her life as a brand new mom, and makes incredible clothing and project tutorials, sharing her skills across the webiverse! I came across this lace skirt DIY, and I asked Katy if I could share it with my readers. I don't know if I have the skill to pull this off, but one day! 
Enjoy, and please leave Katy tons of lovely comments!

Antique Lace Skirt DIY by Katy Dill 

A truly stunning piece of work!

Some of her process photos:
Lovely Lace!

Something green is cooking...spinach? Or skirt?

For Katy's Step by Step Tutorial, CLICK HERE! Thanks for sharing your skills with us Katy!

all photos are used with permission, copyright Katy Dill

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