Sunday, September 25, 2011

Artist Profile: Matou en Peluche (La nouvelle vague en peluche!)

Sam Battersby is Matou en Peluche.

In french it means Plush Tomcat. Sam runs the Matou en Peluche Etsy store, blog, and beautiful website under this name. With help from her partner, (sidekicks are handy!) she creates work that is at once sweet, sharp, and uniquely creative.

 Her art is inspired by flapper girls, elegant evenings, femme fatales, fat cats, and 50 foot birds. She creates whimsical prints, cards, postcards, and mini hand mirrors. Oh and did I mention she is a lovely person? We have struck up an Etsy friendship across the globe. Sam currently resides in Sydney Australia, is francophone, and a drawing MACHINE! (ouais, c'est vrai!)

Her aesthetic is one that I adore. She makes "images and designs that are both historically quirky and 21st Century."  I haven't bought her prints yet, only because I keep changing my mind about which ones I want!

Matou en Peluche is a one of a kind shop. They "are 'la nouvelle vague en peluche. (the plush new wave)." 

Dive on into the whimsical plush....nouvelle vague en peluche indeed!

Find Matou en Peluche here:

All Images and Descriptions (from top to bottom):

1) Queen Nefertiti Born in 1370BC in Egypt Queen Nefertiti is often referred to as "the most beautiful woman in the world".

3) Mermaid Art: Crustacean Cafe The lovely Jemima has a cup of tea and a chat with Miranda at the Crustacean Cafe. Gus and Phil are a little bored however by the girly chat.

5) The Great auk has spoken Words to sooth the troubled soul from the Great Auk himself.

6) Fashion Print: Yvonne This is Yvonne in her sea shell dress.

7) Black Gloves Black Gloves and an ice blue bow.

8) Rie

9) Robzilla  Robzilla!! My afraid be very afraid!!! 

10) Cleo  Cleo = winsom + wise.

Find Matou en Peluche here:

All art is used with permission. 
Artwork copyright © 2007 - 2011 Samantha Battersby
Purchase of this print does not include reproduction rights.


  1. Thank you so much Nora! An absolute honour to be featured!! :0)