Friday, September 23, 2011

A dose of Femme-itude

The movie Bound has to be one of my favorite depections of Femme/Butch roles in mainstream cinema to date. I take so many cues from Jennifer Tilly. I mean, just check out her femme-itude here.
 That is "the look", no messing about. A major Femme icon for me, hands down.

Oh to ride off into the sunset in a pickup truck with a butch, true love, leather jackets, and enough money to pay all your debts.

Le sigh...

This also makes me think about how queer femmes cruise butches.
It's almost like you are silently saying...

"Hey YOU. Yeah you hot stuff. I'm no straight girl. Come swagger over here and buy me a drink/light my ciggarette/dance with me."

The Look. That femmesharkstonefemmehighfemme Look.

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