Thursday, September 22, 2011

House-wifey. Bottega Venetta Fall 2011. Holy Marigold!

So I am just now checking out what designers showed for Fall 2011.

Bottega Venetta has always been a fave of mine. I feel like their clothes have the perfect touch of 50's/60's retro housewife without being too heavy-handed.

These totally fit with my desire to not just wear 'fall' colors this fall. The white tights are interesting, I would have thought white tights would be strange or look too mod costumey, but they actually fit with the textures.

Oh and can I have a bouffant like these everyday? K thankx.

The Perfect Creamsicle Confection. Love the monotone with the white tights.
More delicious monotone. I could see Joan from Mad men rocking this

Peachy Keen. This model makes me want to bleach my hair white again.
Roses, sheer layering, and the perfect lady-like look
Holy Marigold! Golden yellow is perfect for fall.
Perfect draping. Love the little cardigan and necklace. Anna Wintour eat your heart out.

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