Saturday, September 24, 2011

My sins my own, they beong to me.

"In art and dreams may you proceed with abandon. 
In life may you proceed with balance and stealth."
-Patti Smith 

'My Sins my own. They Belong to ME. ' by 33norashmora33

Patti Smith Horses Record Ph...

Looking Glass Faceted Neckla...

Patti Smith, 1976

Tied - Original Signed 5x5 P...

Patti Smith, 1978

The Hungry Horse

Vintage Typewriter Royal Qui...

Monolith. Huge Quartz Crysta...

The Inner Escape

Hipster's Delight Vintag...

THE SHAG cotton scarf neckla...

Patti Smith Punk Rock Art Cl...

Black Crocheted Tie

handmade journal - birch bar...

Midnight Carapace - black th...

Fine Art Print, Giclee Archi...


  1. This is the best treasury idea ever!


  2. Thanks Sarah!!!

    And thanks for stopping by!