Thursday, September 22, 2011

On the Importance of Mom Style

    My mom has always had Fa-ha-habulous vintage style. I feel like I have been following in her fashion footsteps for my whole life. She can still make her own clothes, and has an incredible eye for color. She is a professional fiber artist, and has fabric constantly on the brain. She has always had a knack for thrifty fashion as well, managing to make Target and thrift store finds into incredible outfits.

     Nowadays, she wears lots of big artsy jewelry with classic cut pants, funky heels, and colorful cardigans. My mom and I can spend hours in thrift stores together. I grew up trying on her shoes, raiding her closet, and hearing stories about her Jewelery.
Bright Blue Leopard Print Dress: 18$

  On the right is her modeling for Nora's Necessities this summer. Look at that red headed gorgeousness!

Check out that graceful red head!

And on the left is a photo of her at 18. She is on her way to Malaysia, where she lived for a year as a part of a Canadian exchange program. She still has the incredible hair and effortless style.

She is an incredible artist. She contributes to my store by letting me sell some of her fiber art! I have two of her hand-dyed silk scarves up right now. She uses 100% silk, and they are just gorgeous. I also have some of her handmade i-pod/cell phone cases. Basically, cozyness for your phone.

Below I have included my two favorites. They are made with momlove. For reals.

My mom is still my biggest fashion inspiration. We hit up the Rose Bowl in the summer, and she is by far the better haggler. I grew up surrounded by light, color, fabric, art….and with a mom who let me spend hours in a thrift store!

So thanks Madre, I love you.

I added some of my favorite art pieces of hers to end off this post, but you can always view more of her incredible fiber art here:

Cozy Stripey Phone Time 14$
I just love the color combo of pink and grey. 14$


Circle Abstract

Los Angeles River (with Julie Nagesh)

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